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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping - Shippinh Method

Use the WooCommerce Catalog Mode - Pricing, Enquiry Forms & Promotions plugin to easily set up catalog modes,  prices and marketing strategies on your WooCommerce store. 

The plugin provides options for removing shop functions (like product prices, the add-to-cart button, and the cart and checkout pages).

The plugin also provides options for setting prices (including flash sales discounts, wholesale discount pricing, membership pricing, and other conditional pricing), enquiry forms, badges, countdown timers, and promotional messages based on product rules and conditions.

This plugin features three separate modules: Catalog Modes, Product Pricing, and Product Settings (which includes promotional settings).

WooCommerce Catalog Modes

With the catalog modes module, you can easily create and manage multiple catalog mode options, such as hiding product prices, disabling the add-to-cart buttons, adding enquiry forms, and disabling shop, cart, and checkout functions. These options can be based on over 84 conditions and 30 product rules

WooCommerce Product Pricing

The product pricing module makes it easy to create and manage multiple product pricing options, such as regular price adjustments and sale price adjustments. The price adjustment amount can be based on a fixed price, fixed discount or fee, percentage price, or percentage discount or fee. These options can also be based on more than 84 conditions and 30 product rules

WooCommerce Product Settings

Quickly set up multiple product settings (including promotional settings) options, such as stock settings, tax settings, weight, pricing labels, product badges, countdown timer, and more using the plugin. These options can also be based on more than 84 conditions and 30 product rules.


Product Rules & Conditional Logics

The plugin allows you to easily set up all module functions based on product rules like product sku, categories, tags e.t.c  as well as conditional logics like customers, user roles, and GeoIP Locations e.t.c. With more than 30 product rules and 84 conditional logics available, the options are virtually limitless

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